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headshot session

April 20th, 2023



scheduling your Headshot Session

Hi there!  Thank you for taking a moment to review our scheduling options for your upcoming headshot session.

Below you will find three locations in the Bailey Park area that will be utilized for sessions.

Please click the link of your desired location to select your appointment time.


*Plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early for parking and to locate us within Bailey Park as we will be changing locations frequently*

You will also find a downloadable headshot preparation guide with helpful tips and tricks to create a headshot you'll be proud to show off!

I look forward to working with you on April 20th!

Link IQ Patio

530 N Patterson Ave


This location showcases a stunning cityscape of Winston-Salem.

Bailey Park

Walkway above coalpit & areas surrounding

445 Patterson Ave


This location will offer a blend of industrial and modern.


*Photo for location reference, not exact backdrop scene.


Bailey Park

445 Patterson Ave


This location will showcase a variety of rustic, vibrant and blooming foliage.


*Photo for location reference, not exact backdrop scene.


the headshot preparation guide

Unsure where to start with wardrobe, skincare, hair and makeup?  Click to download the complimentary preparation guide below for tips and tricks to feel your most confident self for your upcoming headshot session!




Feel free to contact me directly to answer any questions before your session!


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